About us

The Iberian Association of Comparative Endocrinology (AIEC) was created on March 10, 1998 in Peñíscola-Castellón (Spain). 


The association was founded to provide encouragement and to foster the research and scientific development and knowledge in comparative endocrinology developed in the Iberian Peninsula. The Association is composed by several Spanish and Portuguese scientists whose research are related to different aspects of endocrinology in both vertebrates and invertebrates. At present AIEC counts around one hundred members from different ages and backgrounds related with comparartive endocrinology.


The future of our young Association depends on the continuity and of the participation of the members and non-members in our meetings, so it is essential that together we stimulate the active participation not only of members, but also of those that in the Iberian Peninsula and in Latin American countries are engaged in Comparative Endocrinology in all activities organized AIEC .


The AIEC is registered in the Spanish Ministerio del Interior with the number 164.747 and provides legal support to their members for the dissemination and widespread of the scientific research to the members.


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