Prof. Dra. Isabel Navarro Álvarez

University of Barcelona, Spain


Full Professor, Department of Physiology and Immunology, Faculty of Biology, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain


Research interests: Endocrine and nutritional control of fish metabolism and growth. A major focus of my research at the moment is related to hormonal regulation of lipid deposition and adipose tissue development in fishes. 



Prof. Dr. Jose Luis Soengas Fernández

University of Vigo, Spain


Full Professor, Department of Functional Biology and Health Siences

Faculty of Biology, University of Vigo, Spain


Research interests: Physiological mechanisns in fish related to metabolism, neuroendocrinology, rhythms , response to stress and adaptation to environment. Nowadays my research is focused at the different mechanisms involved in feed intake control in fish.




Secretary - Dr.  Francisco Prat Bella

Treasurer - Dra.  Encarnación Capilla Campos

Vocals - Dra. Mª Luz Pérez Igualada

                   Prof. Dr. Francisco J. Sánchez-Vázquez

                    Dra. Patricia Pinto

                    Dr. Ibon Cancio Uriarte




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